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Monday, December 3, 2012

John Bohning surfboards promo video.

Been working on this video for a couple months. Shot some of the footage. I work with Shawn Saylors on this. Shawn is very underground waterman. Charges big waves, free dives, and fishes off the coast of Mexico. I took a couple trips down to shoot with him, he talked about getting barrels as big as telephone poles and fish pushing 100 pounds that he speared. He trains on the flat days by diving/fishing or just for the love of it don't know. All I know is this time for surfing is an odd one. For every kid from 15-30 who thinks that can do an air on a 2 foot wave should be getting paid. I look at Shawn and wonder why is not getting paid or why he doesn't have a sticker on his board. I'm pretty sure he does it for the love of getting big waves, not to be someone in surfing. Something I want to do... John Bohning surfboards are pretty insane as well. www.bohningsurfboards.com