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Friday, March 6, 2015

arutneV 2

I've had multiple people ask if I will ever make a sequel to arutneV. I'd love to, but the side of being creative and dealing with so many personalities can be difficult. I originally made arutnev after watching Ventura the Movie and V2 and beyond by the legendary Scott Aichner. Growing up in Ventura and having such a diverse talent pool in a small stretch of coast, The Malloys, The Currans, The Currens, and many underground heros that would take me a while to name everyone. On July 2nd 2010 we had the premiere of "aurtneV' at the Crown Plaza. A night I will not forget, brought back memories when I would see premieres at the Ventura Theater. My goal was to show the talent in Ventura County. Not just Dane, the Currans, Mccabes etc. Your neighbor, your friends you grew up with, people you would see every day in town. Most importantly it was all filmed in less then a year only in Ventura County. As time moved on, my focus on film making and being creative took a hiatus. Slowly getting an itch to make another surf film, still have personal goals that I want to fulfill. In next few years there's a possibility of a sequel, the younger generation is getting better and better day in and day out. It will probably be my last project I'll work on. Stay tuned for a few other clips I've had put away from the last 4 years. This video would not of been possible without the help and trust of my good friend and mentor in film making Jay Schweitzer, thanks Jay for trusting me using your Red setup!!